Avengers Endgame: A huge leak confirms the return of all these characters and reveals their costume

Decidedly, if Marvel Studios do everything to keep the intrigue of Avengers Endgame and the return of the characters of the secret MCU , it seems that their partners do not give themselves so much trouble. It was in Vietnam that a Twittos managed to find toys drawn directly from the next part of the adventures of the Avengers. And no, it’s not about Infinity War marketing , since Captain America does not have a beard and sports short hair, as in the trailer. We discover Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye transformed into Ronin, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Iron Man, Black Widow, Rocket, Peter Quill and Thanos, all with different costumes of the last part. While some wear a white suit that is suspected to be destined for the Quantum Kingdom, others, such as Peter Parker and Ronin, offer us unpublished pageantry.

But even more surprising, we discover that Valkyrie , who has not appeared since Thor: Ragnarok , is also entitled to his figurine in this same white suit. It would be well and truly present in Endgame , in the same way as the Hulk ! Bruce Banner and his alter ego will apparently have managed to solve their communication problem, since the green giant wears the same costume as the other Avengers! Thanos meanwhile, is dressed in a beautiful armor, all clean, brand new , as well as his weapon, which could announce a return to action, far from his retirement on the farm that we imagine after seeing the trailer. Big spoilers follow the release of these figurines:The survival of Iron Man, the return of Thanos, Valkyrie and Hulk, but also characters gone to dust ! And it is unlikely that this is a fake, given the huge budget that requires this kind of marketing operation. This would confirm the theory behind the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer : Prepare for a trip to the Quantum Kingdom and a jump in time. Of course, we can not be sure until April 24, 2019. What do you think?I’m sure you will be watching avengers 4 online streaming?

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